A lot has been made of President Obama’s Sunday evening address from the Oval Office on terrorism and his strategy to defeat the murderous band of thugs called ISIL. The pundits will say what they want, but we say a loud and clear THANK YOU MR. PRESIDENT. He used nearly 5 minutes of his 13-minute speech to elevate a desperately needed message of unity, tolerance, and non-discrimination against Muslim and Arabs in the U.S. and across the world. Those precious minutes from the Oval Office were watched live by an amazing 46 million people and have since been watched by untold millions. We hope that people had ears to hear when he said, “It's our responsibility to reject proposals that Muslim Americans should somehow be treated differently. Because when we travel down that road, we lose. That kind of divisiveness, that betrayal of our values plays into the hands of groups like ISIL.”