They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, sometimes, a picture includes a thousand words. In the foreground, famous Rabbi Shmuley Boteach posed for a photo with famous Trump advisor Steve Bannon at the White House celebration of Israeli Independence Day (the Nakba didn’t make it into any of the branding). In the background, there was a classroom board that makes Glenn Beck’s conspiracy chalkboards seem adorable by comparison. The charming and totally sensible duo stood in front what appeared to be Bannon’s to-do list, which included a wide range of pleasant policies, like banning Syrian refugees from the US. The tweeted photo elicited an avalanche of criticism and ridicule, but what really caught our eye is the check mark next to the items thought “completed”. These included the Syrian refugee ban and the suspension of immigration from some Arab or Muslim-majority countries. Those executive orders were both blocked by the courts, but if this is what Bannon considers “mission accomplished,” that’s totally fine with us.