When you look at the state of our politics, with all its hyper-partisan pettiness, it’s almost remarkable that our congressional hearings aren’t more embarrassing. But worry not, for an exceptionally embarrassing session was on display yesterday, when FBI Agent Peter Strzok came before the House Oversight and Judiciary committees to answer for accusations of anti-Trump bias during his involvement in the Russia scandal probe. There was lots of shouting and heckling, and Louie Gohmert went full Jerry Springer on him. Chairman Gowdy decided to interrogate the statistical validity of Strzok’s tongue-in-cheek statement that Trump ought to lose the election by 100 million votes to zero. But Strzok was defiant, saying that his anti-Trump text messages were driven by Trump’s “horrible, disgusting behavior” of demeaning the immigrant family of a fallen American soldier during the campaign, and that these personal “off the cuff” texts had no bearing on his work on the Russia probe. You can watch the full circus here.