As you surely know by now, the Supreme Court ruled on the Muslim Ban. By a vote of 5-4, the Court handed a significant victory to the Trump Administration. The decision willfully disregarded the open bigotry which formed the foundation to the Muslim Ban. Chief Justice John Roberts uncritically took for gospel every unsubstantiated national security pretext for the Ban. The Court made clear that a president can justify nearly any discriminatory policy, and can speak openly about the bigoted goals of that policy, as long as the policy itself is written in a neutral way. Nothing in the opinion limits President Trump from adding more countries to the Muslim Ban list at a whim, only to later claim security justifications to retrofit his proclivities. However, the legal authority of the President for the Muslim Ban was grounded in law that Congress can change. The next fight is advocating for them to do so. Want to learn more about this? Read our full take.