The Center for Security Policy (CSP) has been very much in the news as of late. Longtime president Frank Gaffney is stepping down (though still kook-tweeting), and former senior staffer Fred Fleitz will be taking his place. Recognize that name? Fleitz is the current chief of staff for the National Security Council and washired by NSA John Bolton a few months back. Fleitz’s return to CSP after his summertime sabbatical within a pivotal office of the Trump Administration suggests this SPLC-designated anti-Muslim hate group will be enjoying even more access to the White House than before. In other news, the Intercept reported on an event this week co-hosted by CSP featuring “high-ranking officials in several branches of the military.” Based on military policies cited in the article, we could ask the question of whether these officials should (or why they’d even want to) be associating with an organization like CSP, which advocates dangerous, almost laughable, theories about Arabs or Muslims and national security.