When the State Department asked U.S. ambassadors in the Middle East to examine the human rights records of their host countries to see if any were engaged in violations that warranted suspensions in military assistance, Ambassador David Friedman had a message to the State Department: “Don’t second-guess the Israeli military.” David “there is no occupation, Obama is an anti-Semite, Jews who want a two-state solution are traitors” Friedman said he did “not believe we should extend the new [guidelines] to Israel” because “Israel is a democracy whose army does not engage in gross violations of human rights.” Hold on a second. We shouldn’t hold Israel accountable for its human rights record because its record is great? That doesn’t make any sense. If Israel’s record is great, there would be no problem holding it accountable to it. But Friedman must know the Israeli military’s human rights record is absolutely horrendous, as we have demonstrated in great detail, which would explain his desire to exempt Israel from scrutiny. As if Israel didn’t get enough special treatment from the U.S., now the Trump Administration is openly saying Israel is above U.S. laws.