“A state lawmaker in Oklahoma refused to meet with Muslim constituents unless they replied to a questionnaire asking if they beat their wives. A Nebraska state senator suggested that any Muslim wanting to enter the United States be forced to eat pork first.” These are the opening lines from a Buzzfeed investigation into the extent of anti-Muslim discourse in the GOP. The main takeaway is that ”Republican officials in 49 states have openly attacked Muslims with words and proposed legislation since 2015, and few have faced repercussions.” Of course, bigotry is categorically not a partisan issue, and we should all unite across both parties and the entire political spectrum to push back against it. Acknowledge the exceptional scale of a problem in a particular party should never be used to score political points, but precisely to caution against the dangerous and continuing slide in a frightening direction. To that end, we call on the GOP leadership to double its efforts to stamp out anti-Muslim bigotry in its party, and to reaffirm its commitment to serve all Americans.

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