Ever worked in an office where you hated everyone? Now imagine living in that office. Now you know how the orange president feels. Yup, Trump reportedly vented to his security chief: “I hate everyone in the White House.” But can you blame him? All he seems to have wanted to do was make tens of thousands of nukes for no reason at all, and his own Secretary of State calls him a moron? And if Tillerson is so smart, why doesn’t he accept Trump’s IQ test challenge? Yes, all of this would be hilarious drama if it were unfolding on "House of Cards," but this stuff is happening around the guy who has access to the nuclear codes, so it’s really not that funny. In fact, it’s so dead serious that former officials are speculating that people around an “unstable” and “unraveling” Trump are strategizing about how to intervene if he were to order a nuclear war. Talk show comedians had a ton of fun with this one last night, but we think everyone should take a moment to reflect on the fact that we’re actually, truly in a dangerous situation.

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