This week’s primary results were a tough blow to the insurgent, inspiring, and downright exciting Bernie Sanders campaign -- but a huge win for the Democratic establishment’s pick of candidates, Hillary Clinton’s name being at the top of that list. The Clinton victories will only accelerate the major pivot her campaign made following the crucial New York primary, a pivot to the General election, a pivot away from Bernie, and a pivot towards taking down her likely Republican challenger Trump. But while Clinton is busy vetting Vice Presidential picks and beginning the dirty job of undermining Trump, Sanders is continuing to surprise the pundits. The Sanders campaign has taken heat earlier this year for being bad, hypothetically, for critically strategic down-ballot races for the Democrats. But we’re seeing now how Bernie is operationalizing his inexorable money raising machine to support the very same down ballot races that Party leaders said he’d be bad for. So it does look like both candidates are moving closer to the finish line, but it might not be the same finish line.

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