This week the FBI debuted the widely criticized "Don't Be A Puppet" online platform meant to help young people across the United States not fall victim to violent extremist ideologies. And when we say “across the United States” we really mean young American Muslims the FBI thinks are one click away from becoming a terrorist. Beyond comical and self-defeating, the FBI's attempt to counter-message violent ideology in the classroom is doing the very thing President Obama promised us in Baltimore he would not do: securitize the government's relationship with the American Muslim community. And even though his Administration officials say that the "video game" and other CVE programs are not designed or directed exclusively for communities based on faith, there are a few things that let us know that is exactly what they are doing: like the disclaimer on the brochure and the easy-to-see pattern in where "Countering Violent Extremism" programs have been operating. Even if you believe this glossy, flashing, expensive attempt to counter extremism is a valid undertaking (we don’t) more of these programs might be coming down the pipes. The President's hot-off-the-press $4 trillion budget allots major money for the CVE efforts run by the Department of Homeland Security even though CVE is a bad idea, based on bad science, and is bad for the President’s expressed intention to strengthen – not securitize – the government’s, which includes the FBI’s, relationship with American Muslim communities.

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