Remember when Trump nominated an extremist by the name of David Friedman to become US Ambassador to Israel? He was so extreme that he called President Obama an anti-Semite, and called centrist Jewish groups like J Street Nazi collaborators. But that was the old Friedman, who since said he regretted expressing such offensive views, and so he was forgiven and appointed US Ambassador to Israel. Well, he’s managed to restrain the epithets, but it’s hard to really resist the old ways entirely. So when he was giving a speech to his buddies at the Zionist Organization of America a few days ago, he accused president Obama of “the greatest betrayal of Israel by a sitting president in American history.” Veteran Washington journalist Laura Rozen said this attack by an ambassador on a former president “crosses a line [she had] not seen a US appointee cross in a long, long time.”  Know who else spoke at the ZOA? Steve Bannon. No shocker there, but his message was something else: He called on American Jews to join the war against the GOP establishment. On the bright side, we finally found the moral baseline beneath which Sheldon Adelson refuses to sink, as he publicly breaks with Bannon over his war on the GOP.  You know you’re out there on hawkish extremism when even Alderson thinks you’re too much.