We're a short 46 days until the election and the long time going campaign chaos is getting even more dramatic in the lead up to the first debate on Monday. A whopping 73% of voters report they are likely to watch the debate, which would shatter not only debate records, but all records. The projections are not far fetched - this election does seem like a made-for-tv car wreck you can't help but slow down to watch. The Trump-Clinton battle has been almost entirely about character (at the expense of policy), so we can see how the side-by-side comparison of the temperament challenged Trump and the untrusted Clinton could move mountains in the polls. But we really hope that policy is front and center. As much material as candidates have to unleash on the character of their opponent, there's also miles of substantive issues we've yet to see debated in seriousness. We're approaching the debate's national security portion with trepidation, however, because of the bottomless pit of fear mongering that we've come to expect from Trump, especially in the wake of tragedies (like his second call to "profile like they do in Israel"). Now that Trump is on the big, national debate stage with nearly 75% of voters watching, will he moderate his radical—and often downright un-American—proposals? We can only watch and see.

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