We can never pass up the opportunity to show how ludicrous and out of touch the political debate about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is in the United States. Last week, the Democratic Party’s Platform Committee (which, admittedly, we expect to be a little bit better on these issues), got into a mind-boggling disagreement about whether there is in fact an occupation happening in the Holy Land. It’s hard to believe, but there was in fact a repeated suggestion that calling it an occupation is just one way to look at the conflict, and a controversial way at that. This is just the latest occasion that the occupation has been put in quotes; don’t forget that we had to cover a very similar questioning of the occupation a few weeks ago when newspapers were doing it. The regressive exchange happened in the course of 2 days of expert testimony weighing in on the Democratic Platform. While this silly-but-sad exchange caused a stir, we hope folks were also paying attention to the moment when former Attorney General Eric Holder went on record for the first time (as far as we know) saying that the Department of Justice’s profiling guidelines could stand to be reformed again. The admission is important to moving the country forward, but instead of talking about that, we’re forced to point out that the occupation has been an occupation – both in American rhetoric and in Palestinian land – for a long bipartisan time.