We're trying to find a small measure of relief that last night's presidential debate was the last and final public sparring event of the 2016 election season. But since the countdown to Election Day on November 8th stands at only 19 days, we're still anxious about what surprises might be around the corner. Donald Trump's repeated angry claims that the election is being purposely rigged by the Clinton campaign and the corrupt press might be creating more problems - like voter intimidation - than it's shedding light on. With the heated skepticism of the American democratic election system, we find ourselves thinking the unthinkable: Election Day might not even be the end of the election (especially with Trump telegraphing his skepticism about the results if he loses). And more unforetold Election Day drama is most certainly lurking in the typical as well as the a-typical swing states. Poll numbers in democratic strongholds and the normal swing states look so good for Clinton that her campaign is venturing into uncharted territory by trying to make a play on states like Utah, Arizona and Texas. That presents a pretty radically disruptive possibility. There's a lot left to play out on Election Day, and once it is all said and done, we think Americans deserve a mental health break to detox from the anxiety and ugliness that has become a 2016 way of life.