So, the Brexit happened. While it is probably outside our purview to teach you about the politics of the European Union and the domestic politics of the United Kingdom - we want to offer a few observations. We are finding it painfully funny that in the immediate aftermath of the vote result, there was a reported surge in google searches for "what is the European Union," and then a viral "mea culpa" hashtag brought to light the dumbfounding numbers of voters who cast their ballot to leave the EU, but wanted a re-do. We note these not-so-funny facts because many are connecting the Leave crowd with the Trump crowd here in the U.S. It kind of makes sense to us to make that connection, with ultra-nationalism and xenophobia seeming to be a primary motivating factor for both movements. So we've got to wonder, in the scenario that Donald Trump becomes President, will his supporters be googling "what is the job of the President" and will there be people who want a re-do? In Britain, they're searching for a way to undo what has been done, will we need to do the same?