The next Democratic presidential primary debate which will be on October 15th at 8pm Eastern in Westerville, Ohio. With 12 candidates, the New York Times declared that it’s the most contenders to appear on a single stage…. EVER. To qualify, candidates had to garner 30,000 unique donors and register at least 2% in four particular polls by October 1st. You can see who will take the stage on Tuesday, and who will not, here. Oddly, there’s no indication of the actual topics that will be covered, but with so many candidates getting speaking time (and, as we’ve grown to learn, totally going over their limit), one can assume very few topics will be covered. But who cares about the issues, we just want to watch a mindless personality contest, right? In which case, what matters is: where will they be standing from each other? Worry not, we got you covered, here are the podium positions of the candidates. Gotta iron-out the important things. The Times is co-hosting the event with CNN, so that’s where to go for coverage.