Speaking of the 4th of July, there are many ways to celebrate America’s birthday. Whether it’s a cookout with family, the massive fireworks display downtown, or illegal fireworks in your backyard (we’re against the last option, but if you’re going to do it, at least do it sober), it probably all fades next to the sheer awesomeness of the very first 4th of July in Philly in 1776, which was celebrated with the official Declaration of Independence. But the National Public Radio (NPR) decided to mark the 4th by tweeting strange things about freedom, liberty and the right of the people to abolish the government were it to destroy their basic rights (who says things like that on Independence Day?). Some read between the lines and saw this as a call for an uprising against Donald Trump, triggering speculation that NPR may have been hacked, and a slew of tweets condemning it and calling for its defunding. Ready for the twist? Turns out NPR was just tweeting the Declaration of Independence. What does it say about the time we live in that the words of an essential founding document can stir this kind of condemnation and controversy.