Posted by on June 17, 2011 in Blog

Anthony Weiner’s resignation may open a seat in the House of Representatives, but it’s likely to be a temp job. Congressional redistricting is likely to eliminate the seat, meaning that whoever wins the special election will be serving in the House for just 12-18 months. Many speculate that this will dramatically reduce the number of candidates vying for the position.

This is just one example of how redistricting could impact the House in 2012. It’s a high-stakes issue with little clarity at this point, since—to date—only Arkansas, Iowa, and Louisiana have completed their redistricting plans. The rest are still in process—no small concern given the number of primaries slated for this summer and the proximity of the 2012 elections.

In New Jersey, AAI Board of Governors member Sherine El-Abd has been appointed to the Republicans' Congressional Redistricting team. Hats off to New Jersey, one of the top 10 Arab American population centers in the country, for choosing “citizens that represent the rich communities and divergent views that make our state great.”

As we move toward the national elections, be sure to tune into AAI’s Yalla Vote site to confirm where you’ll be voting in 2012, to learn more about the candidates, and even update your voter registration.

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