Posted on March 27, 2012 in Campaign Statements

"The President's remark to his Russian counterpart that he would have more "flexibility" on ballistic missile defense after the election underscores how dangerous an Obama re-election would be. The President promised the Senate during the ratification debate on the New START Treaty he would not compromise on the Russian demand to limit US ballistic missile defense. Now we find out that promise was nothing more than empty words. The Russian demands, including ballistic missile deployment restrictions, limits on the technological capabilities of our missiles, and joint control over launch decisions, if agreed to by the US government; constitute a clear-and-present danger to American security.

The Russians seek to impose deployment restrictions on US sea-based ballistic missile defense systems including the deployment of Aegis-class missile defense ships from the Black Sea — the path over which Iranian ICBMs would have to travel to reach the US."


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