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When a run-of-the-mill anti-Muslim bigot tweeted insults about the prophet Muhammad to Hussein Ibish a few days ago, Ibish responded with “Just got the hourly Islamophobic tweet from the loony right. So, everything normal in Nuttsville, USA, aka, the social media world.” Robert Spencer, founder of the paranoid Islamophobic website Jihad Watch, got wind of Ibish’s tweet, and replied to him with “I am glad SOMEONE is talking some sense in your world!” This kicked off an extremely amusing fight on twitter, which is worth highlighting below.

Apparently, Spencer was upset that Hussein Ibish had highlighted that Oslo massacre perpetrator Anders Breivik was largely inspired by Spencer’s anti-Muslim writings, citing him nearly 50 times in his manifesto and recommending him for a Nobel Prize. In a statement wonderfully indicative of Spencer’s general mindset, he admitted that he hadn’t seen the original tweet Ibish was responding to, but said that Ibish’s mere description of it as “islamophobic hate” was enough for him to conclude that it was “probably” right. From there, Ibish kept hammering at Spencer’s moral bankruptcy, which reduced Spencer to third-grade rhetoric:

“’You know are [sic] preparing the next massacre’? What are you gonna do, sit on me?”

“Watch it Fat Boy -- I have no guilt for Norway, and your defamation could be actionable -- keep it coming, I am noting it down”

“Ibish is continuing to lay groundwork for his next éclair”

“I skipped breakfast, actually. How were your 12 breakfasts?”

Ibish ended up writing a blog about the (ongoing) exchange, in which he said the following:

“Spencer can no more sue me for saying that he was a direct inspiration for Breivik and his terrorist rampage then [sic] I can sue him for calling me fat. In both cases this is a matter of opinion, protected by the First Amendment. But, even more importantly, in both cases truth asserts itself as an absolute defense. I am in fact fat, and only a delusional person would deny that obvious truth. Spencer did inspire Breivik and his actions, and that is equally -- and equally obviously -- true.”

Ibish went on to condemn the thinly-veiled defense that Pamela Geller (a close ally of Spencer’s) offered to the Oslo terrorist, saying he was “targeting the future leaders of the party responsible for flooding Norway with Muslims who refuse to assimilate, who commit major violence against Norwegian natives.”  Glenn Greenwald made another intriguing revelation, noting that Geller had deliberately shielded the identity of anti-Muslim fanatics in Norway who were “stockpiling weapons” in order to shield them from prosecution. For people who play loose guilt-by-association games to tarnish the image of Muslims, these Islamophobes have surely dug themselves into a ditch, tying themselves indisputably to the Oslo attack even by standards stricter than their own.

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