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Last week, a number of media outlets covered the release of our public opinion poll of Arab attitudes towards the United States. Among them, the Economist produced a short piece that presented some of the findings then asked, “what exactly do the Arabs expect of America in relation to Israel?” The article then referred to a poll of Palestinians that showed a high degree of hostility toward Israel and relatively low support for a two-state solution, which the reader was presumably to take as evidence that Arab demands are generally radical and insatiable.

In response, AAI’s president Jim Zogby, sent The Economist a statement earlier this week, in which he stated:

“My objection is simply this: you cannot compare a poll of the views of Palestinians (who have been living under a rather brutal occupation for more than four decades) toward Israel with a poll of the views of Arabs (in six  countries) toward America. To attempt to extrapolate from the Palestinian poll a general observation about broader Arab attitudes toward the US is an illogical stretch, unsubstantiated by the data.” 

Credit goes to the Economist for posting Jim’s entire response below the original article. You can read both on the Economist’s website.

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