Posted on May 18, 2009 in Reports

On Monday, May 18, 2009 commentators John Zogby, President and CEO of Zogby International, and James Zogby, President of the Arab American Institute, joined respondent Amjad Atallah and moderator Farah Stockman to discuss the results of a recent poll that reveals a deep partisan divide over the path towards Middle East peace.

The Zogby Interactive survey, "American Perceptions of an Arab-Israeli Peace: A New Zogby Poll on Domestic Attitudes Toward Obama’s Middle East Policy" offers critical insight to the undercurrents running through the political landscape here in the United States.

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Media references to poll:

Telegraph UK
May 18, 2009
by Leonard Doyle

"Obama to warn Israel’s PM, Benjamin Netanyahu: ‘No more blank cheques’"

"But Mr Obama’s hand in confronting Mr Netanyahu was strengthened last week by a new Zogby poll revealing that voters who backed him in the election overwhelmingly support a policy which amounts to 'get tough with Israel'–ending illegal Israeli settlements within Palestinian territory and establishing a Palestinian state. Jewish voters, 78 per cent of whom voted for Mr Obama, are among the strongest supporters of the plan."