Posted by on October 26, 2012 in Blog

It’s hard to believe we’re here already, but today marks the beginning of our 10 day countdown before the election. Between now and then, you will receive one email from us each day giving you a new opportunity to make a difference in this final stretch to November 6th.

When the Arab American community came together in Paterson, New Jersey and made a significant impact in a local primary, it set off a fear-mongering campaign against our community’s political participation. Because we refuse to be intimidated or silenced, we issued the following video response:

Because we refuse to be defined by those who oppose our inclusion in the political process, we also choose to speak for ourselves. We present our own narrative, and make the affirmative case for why we make our voices heard every day on the issues that matter to us, on our community’s streets and at the ballot box. Here is our latest Yalla Vote video: “We Are Arab Americans, and We Vote”

To spread the word about the Yalla Vote campaign, we’re asking you to pick your favorite of these two videos and share it widely with your friends, through email and social media. If you can’t pick a favorite, it’s ok; you can totally post both of them.


Click here to learn more about the Yalla Vote campaign. Until we talk again tomorrow, keep making a difference and making your voice heard.

You can also view the videos below: