Posted by on November 30, 2010 in Blog

A few months back, I read one of those demeaning articles about the Arab world asking, "where is the Arab Silicon Valley?" The author was suggesting of course that the Arabs aren't going anywhere because they don't value enterprise or provide opportunities for creative young thinkers. 

I was especially disturbed by this dismissive piece because on the very day the piece ran, I was scheduled to meet with a group of young Arab hi-tech entrepreneurs working in Dubai. They and the thousands of others like them have flocked to the Gulf from all parts of the Arab world. They have started new businesses. Some have created innovative products, which they are now exporting to the US and Europe. They provide the answer to the question "where is the Arab Silicon Valley?"

I was, therefore, delighted to read this piece by Charles Schroeder in the Washington Post last Friday. He makes the point perfectly.