Did you watch last night’s Democratic presidential debate? If you did, then could you shoot us an email filling us in on what happened? We tried to watch but we couldn’t keep our eyes open. We’re joking, of course, we did watch it, but what was a bit boring was how the candidates seemed fairly content repeating the same arguments and talking points that have characterized the previous debates. No one seemed too interested in striking out on a new issue, until Senator Bernie Sanders brought up (to huge applause by the way) an idea totally novel to presidential debates; namely that Palestinians are human beings who should be treated “with the respect and dignity that they deserve.” Of course, that such basic decency and common sense is novel in presidential discourse tells you a little bit of what’s wrong with our politics, but we’ll take this affirmation as well-needed progress. We told you last week about the killing of innocent Palestinians in Gaza under Israeli bombardment, and if that weren’t enough, the Trump Administration announced that it no longer considers Israeli settlements in the Occupied West Bank a violation of international law (everybody else still thinks so). This context makes Bernie’s comments about Palestinians in a live, televised presidential debate all the more poignant. Palestine is and should be a platform issue in the 2020 election. Let’s hope it’s brought up in the next debate, and not just by one candidate.