We hope the shock of a Jewish (gasp) candidate winning the vote of Arab Americans in Dearborn is beginning to wear off. Not only is the popular headline really ridiculous, but come on, you didn't need to be a rocket scientist to predict what happened in Dearborn or greater Michigan on Tuesday -- Sanders successfully courted a vote. Even though Clinton had the money, had the state apparatus, had the guts to be the first candidate in Flint along with many other meaningful/strategic/important/good events, the night went to the Democratic candidate who did it better. So, while the recognition that Arab Americans are an important part of the electorate feels like validation, making the night a story about Arabs voting for a Jew fails to take into account Michigan's history. You'll recall that Michigan's longest serving Senator is one Carl Levin, so the Jewish thing isn't new. And you'll also recall that Michigan has a thing for movements like the one Sander's is touting: Michigan was the first state to jump into the movement Jesse Jackson created in his 1988 campaign for president. Neither headline from the 2016 Michigan primary is new.