This week the always on-point (not) New York State Senate passed a bill that would create a registry system for terrorists and suspected terrorists, kind of like a sex offender database. Wouldn’t it be great to know if a suspected terrorist is living in your neighborhood? It sure would be nice, but the problem is that it’s not possible, constitutional, or smart. This isn’t the first time the New York legislature has proposed making a database of terrorists, and a certain Republican nominee had his own idea for a list. In fact, we have quite a few of those lists already – remember the current gun control debate is based on these lists. What makes the New York concept novel is that it would publicly reveal the names of people who have either been convicted of terrorism (and for some reason are not in jail), or suspected of terrorism (which is SUPER problematic) by registering their names and addresses in a database. While we might be interested in public disclosure of names on that list to help fix the errors we know are on it, we’re not interested in creating more error-ridden lists and legitimizing the ones that already exist. No thanks New York.