We watched with horror as ISIL extended its nihilistic campaign of terror to Paris and Beirut last week. These attacks do more than kill and maim innocents, they attempt to shatter a way of life and make the world feel small and fraught with peril. A kinetic response is the first thought, but military tactics can’t strike at the core of a group of terrorists that believe in nothing but to inject dread into the lives of decent people worldwide. It is incumbent on all of us to resist succumbing to this terror lest we become paralyzed with fear of what should happen if we continue to simply live our lives. The sites of the attacks were chosen with purpose to strike people at their most vulnerable—living their everyday lives. ISIL can make claims about their ultimate objectives though their success is in making the world smaller for all of us—in thinking twice when we go to a stadium, a concert hall, a coffee shop, a bar or restaurant. ISIL is at war with normalcy, the quotidian, and in responding to this invasion into our most vulnerable and intimate space we must not retreat and close ourselves off to the rest of the world. We must not allow horrific attacks to bore into who we are and harden our hearts to a world in need.