Posted by Arab American Institute on February 15, 2017 in Blog

Watch the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Vote on David Friedman

On Thursday morning - at 10:30am eastern - the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has an important opportunity to put a stop to President Trump's radical re-definition of U.S. policy towards Israel and Palestine by voting NO on David Friedman.

President Trump has nominated David Friedman, previously Trump's personal bankruptcy lawyer, to be the next U.S. Ambassador to Israel. If you believe in justice for Palestine - call your Senators TODAY to urge them to VOTE NO. Friedman's far right-wing views on Palestinians, on what would be an acceptable resolution to the conflict, his financial support for illegal Israeli settlement activity, and his shameful comments regarding American Jews who advocate for peace simply disqualify him from the post. 

Find Your Senator

Call to (202) 224-3121 be connected to his/her office

Send you Senator questions to ask Friedman at his confirmation hearing

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee will question Friedman on Thursday during his confirmation hearing. The Senate must press him on his personal views of the most controversial and sensitive issues of the conflict - and in so doing highlight his unsuitability to be a diplomat representing the interests and values of the United States. AAI has compiled important questions for Friedman to answer, which you can reiterate to your Senator via phone or email. If the Senate Foreign Relations Committee votes in favor of Friedman, then his nomination will be voted on by the entire Senate. Every vote matters - make sure your voice is heard.

PLEASE CALL YOUR SENATOR TODAY. And send official correspondence to their offices by clicking here.

If your Senators’ phone lines are busy, please keep trying. Congress is experiencing a record number of phone calls from constituents like you opposed to Trump’s agenda. You can also try calling one of their district offices as well. Contact information is available on their individual websites.