Tell Speaker Pelosi Not to Enable Smear Against Rep. Ilhan Omar

Posted on March 05, 2019 in Action Alerts


Congress is reportedly preparing to introduce a resolution ostensibly against anti-Semitism. Based on a leaked draft of the resolution, some of the proposed language condemns anti-Semitic hatred and stereotypes. That is a worthy and admirable goal. However, this resolution adopts a highly politicized definition of anti-Semitism that conflates it with criticism of the state of Israel, and it is being introduced by the Democratic leadership in an apparent response to Representative Ilhan Omar’s critical statements regarding U.S. policy toward Israel.

This resolution as a response to the statements of Rep. Ilhan Omar is deeply wrong and offensive, as Omar’s words (which you should hear to judge for yourself) are not anti-Semitic, but rather seek to examine the nature of the United States’ relationship with the Israeli government. 

Meanwhile, Congresswoman Omar has been subjected to death threats, as well as outrageous depictions by media outlets and political figures, including poster displayed at a Republican-sponsored gathering at the West Virginia state house linking her to the terror attacks of 9/11. These smears, threats, and attacks on a member of Congress demand an appropriate response from her colleagues, but only receive a passing reference in the proposed resolution. If Congress disregards these attacks and introduces a resolution on anti-Semitism as a response to Representative Omar, it will be a shameful enablement of the smear campaign against her. Tell Speaker Nancy Pelosi not to encourage these attacks; this resolution should not come to a vote.