Posted on June 11, 2011 in Campaign Statements

"Today the greatest obstacle toward achieving a real and lasting peace is not the strength of the enemy or the unwillingness of Israel to make great sacrifices for the sake of peace, but an inability on the part of the Obama Administration and certain other world leaders to tell the truth about terrorism, be honest about the publicly stated goals of our common enemies, and devise policies appropriate to an honest accounting of reality.

Recall that during Congressional testimony last year, Attorney General Holder was repeatedly asked and yet could not bring himself to say that the ideology of radical Islamism plays a role in motivating Islamic terrorists to carry out their attacks.

The report issued in the aftermath of the Fort Hood attack, in which Major Nidal Hassan, who carried around business cards that said “warrior of Allah” and shouted Allahu Akbar while opening fire on unarmed men and women, did not once mention radical Islamism.

In an eerily similar incident at the Frankfurt airport earlier this year, a terrorist opened fire, yelling Allahu Akbar and killing two people.

Yet the State Department spokesman, when asked if it was a terrorist attack, responded by asking: “was the shooting of congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords a terrorist attack?”

This moral confusion, which cannot see the difference between the isolated, albeit depraved, actions of a madman, and an attack that fits into an carefully defined ideology of radical Islamist terrorism, is sadly typical of this administration’s elevation of political correctness above common sense."