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In September, we wrote about extremely troublesome developments in the Senate Department of Homeland Security Reauthorization Act, sponsored by Senators Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) and Susan Collins (R-ME). The act dangerously narrows the scope of the Department’s anti-radicalization efforts to focus on “the ideology that gives rise to Islamist terrorism,” despite the fact that the Department of Homeland Security itself warned that singling out Islamic extremism at the expense of other, more prevalent forms of extremism is a dangerous and counterproductive strategy.  

Last week, AAI issued a statement to the House Homeland Security Committee in opposition to Section 102 of the House Reauthorization bill, explaining that “language that singles-out the American Muslim community conflates the religion of Islam with the perverse ideology held by Al-Qaeda and its allies. Section 102 as written implies that Islam has a predilection towards terrorism.”

We further noted that “such language completely ignores the fact that domestic terror groups – including far-right militants, white supremacy groups, eco-terrorists and extreme animal rights activists – have historically posed a more wide-spread and dangerous threat than “Islamists.”

Now it’s your turn to make your voice heard. Call your representatives and let them know that:

-        You expect your elected representatives to refrain from prejudiced and racist pandering.

-        The primary responsibility of the Department of Homeland Security is to keep Americans safe, and the Department of Homeland Security Reauthorization Act is both dangerous and counterproductive.

-        The Department of Homeland Security itself has previously advised against singling out communities in such a fashion.

-        The disproportionate focus directed at an entire religion is unconstitutional, and a waste of limited government resources.

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