Posted by on March 03, 2011 in Blog

Congressmen Pete Stark (D-CA) and John Dingell (D-MI) are circulating a Dear Colleague Letter criticizing the indefensible singling out of the American Muslim community in the Peter King (R-NY) hearings on so-called radicalization.

The letter acknowledges that “Congress and all levels of government have a duty to protect America from terrorism,” but expresses deep concern that the “narrow scope and underlying premises of these hearings unfairly stigmatizes and alienates Muslim Americans.” The letter goes on to say “if you wish to examine violent extremism, we ask that you do so by examining violence motivated by extremist beliefs in all its forms.”

American Muslims are an integral part of our society, serving in our schools, health care industry, law enforcement, and in Congress. Because Congressman King’s hearings unfairly target American Muslims, tell your Member of Congress to sign the Stark-Dingell Dear Colleague letter today by clicking here.

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