On the recent occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Church Committee’s investigation into U.S. domestic intelligence operations, we’re adding our voice to the call for a Church Committee for the 21st Century. Remember when the FBI Director was called to testify before Congress and accountability actually happened? The FBI is still doing reputational cleanup duty for one of its appalling decisions to surveil (and arguably conspire against) Martin Luther King, Jr. Nowadays, when an intelligence boss is called to testify before Congress the veracity of their testimony is questionable. Who can forget James Clapper’s denial of mass surveillance that turned out to be a blatant lie, or the repeated “misleading” testimony about torture techniques used by the CIA? Given all of that on top of the knowledge that domestic spying has once again blurred the line between credible national security needs and interference in social movements like Black Lives Matter, we whole-heartedly agree: it’s time for intelligence agencies to go to Church.