Things are coming full circle for the defense department and the technology sector. Many of the tech breakthroughs that are integral elements of our daily lives like the Internet or GPS were originally developed with defense spending and tech partnerships. Last week Defense Secretary Ashton Carter went out to Sun Valley, Idaho to address an annual conference attended by such tech luminaries as Tesla's Elon Musk and Apple's Tim Cook. The idea was that Carter would use the opportunity to further explain his plan to bring the tech sector back into the national security fold to help drive innovation on challenges such as cyber security. Following the revelations about widespread government spying from NSA contractor Edward Snowden, Carter hoped to rebuild the connections between the Pentagon and the tech and innovation sector.  It may be a difficult ask, earlier this year President Obama held a cyber security summit and the heads of Google, Yahoo, and Facebook all turned down the invite. It's hard to regain trust when you've been carrying out a secret surveillance program for years.