Posted on March 09, 2017 in Action Alerts

On March 8, 2017 the New York state Senate fast-tracked & passed three outrageous anti-BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction) bills. These bills are an unconstitutional attack on our First Amendment freedom of speech and will have damaging effects on our efforts to organize around justice for Palestine both in our communities and on college campuses.

The Supreme Court has ruled that participating in a boycott is political speech and is protected by the U.S. Constitution. Historically, boycotts have played a major role in U.S. history and the Supreme Court has defended that constitutional right.

Now that these three bills have been sent over to the New York State Assembly, we are fighting to make sure these bills do not become law.

All three of these bills were introduced last year but were failed to be passed after New Yorkers responded in an uproar to defend their constitutionally protected right to freedom speech. Once again, we need to make our voices heard.

We urge you to take action TODAY by:

  1. Contacting your State Assembly member to demand they VOTE NO on all three anti-BDS bills and refuse to consider any further efforts to limit the right to protest and dissent. Then by,
  2. Contacting your State Senator to express your disapproval of the contents of the bill as well as how the Senate fast-tracked the bill without debate.

Please use the draft email to contact your representatives. You can also call their offices by finding phone numbers here for the Assembly and here for the Senate.