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The Arab American Institute is collecting stories of American citizens who have been harassed, detained, or deported when attempting to enter Israel or Palestine. If you've personally experienced such an incident, please provide details in the form below. All personal information will be kept private and stories will not be distributed without your expressed permission. Fill out the form.

Both chambers of Congress have introduced legislation to grant Israel visa waiver status, allowing Israeli citizens to enter the US without a visa, despite Israel’s decades-long history of harassing, detaining, and deporting American citizens attempting to enter Israel or Palestine. There are bills in both chambers of Congress that include a very troubling exemption that would make Israel the first country to not be bound to extend the reciprocal visa waiver status to American citizens.   

We cannot let Congress reward Israel with visa waivers when American citizens are routinely and unjustly denied the same freedom of movement that Israel is requesting. Please Take Action now and demand that your representatives defend the rights of all Americans. Please ask them to oppose H.R. 300, H.R. 938, S. 462, and S. 266.

It’s important to note that this congressional push on visa waivers is only the latest controversy in a decades-long struggle for Arab American rights at the Israeli border. Since our founding, AAI has worked to address these concerns, to glean information from the State Department about how many Americans have been refused entry and why, and to highlight the most egregious examples of Israeli border harassment and intimidation.

Do your part: tell Congress to uphold the rights of all American citizens.