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The controversy around Lowe’s decision to pull its advertisements from TLC’s All-American Muslim has ignited an inspiring response from tens of thousands of Americans who were dismayed by the corporation’s willingness to succumb to the pressure of hate groups and Islamophobes.

Yesterday, California State Senator Ted Lieu blasted Lowe’s for their “bigoted, shameful, and un-American” actions.

Today, the United States Congress is weighing in.

Rep. Chris Murphy (D-CT) and Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) have circulated an inspiring Dear Colleague letter to all members of the House of Representatives, asking them to sign a letter to Lowe’s CEO Robert Niblock urging him to reverse his company’s decision and stand up against religious intolerance. The statement explains how succumbing to Islamophobic pressure is not only contrary to our national values, but is a serious impediment to our national security as well. The letter confronts the company directly and forcefully:

In your statement explaining why you decided to pull your advertising you claimed that this was a “hotly contested debate”.  Quite frankly, there is absolutely no contested debate over the contribution of Muslim-Americans to American society.  Yes, we face threats from radical Islamic extremists, but the millions of patriotic, peace-loving Muslims living and working in America are our best defense against them, and only strengthen the the fabric of our nation.  Instead, today they face the same bigoted notions that previously have been directed against African-Americans, Irish-Americans, Jewish-Americans, and others.

Read the rest of the letter here.

We'll report back with the letter's final signatories; make sure your representative is among them!

Email your representatives today and ask them to sign on to the letter. Together we can set an example for what happens when companies bow to Islamophobic pressure.

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