#ArabAmericansLead on the Hill

Posted by Kai Wiggins on May 02, 2019 in Blog
“They will see our community through us in Congress, but they will also see our community through you...be proud of who you are.” - Rep. Donna Shalala
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Florida's Arab American Community Remains Active in 2019

Posted by Basma Alawee on April 17, 2019 in Blog

March was a busy month for the Arab community in Jacksonville, Florida as residents focused on both the mayoral election and the beginning of the legislative session. 

There were several opportunities for residents to meet the mayoral candidates and ask them questions ahead of the March 19th election. The Arab American community had a strong presence in these spaces. Through the questions posed to the candidates, a few themes became apparent, including public safety and a desire to spend taxpayer money responsibly.  

Some of the questions Jacksonville residents asked include: 

What is your solution to violent crime in our community? 

Would you increase funding for the police department? 

Do you favor...

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#YallaVote: Get Involved with the Midterm Elections!

Posted by Haley Arata on October 23, 2018 in Blog

Election Day, November 6th, is right around the corner. We know you all will cast your vote with pep in your step, but what are you doing to make sure others do the same?

Commit to one (or two, three, all) of the following actions to get out the vote leading up to and on Election Day:  1. Make phone calls to registered voters at a Yalla Vote Phone Bank.

Join us at our Washington, D.C. office to make phone calls to voters to make sure they know everything they need to know to get to the polls and successfully cast...

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Michigan GOTV 2018

Posted on October 19, 2018 in #YallaVote

#MidtermsOnMyTerms: Yalla Vote Makes its Mark Nationally

Posted by Heba Mohammad on October 02, 2018 in Blog

By Ibrahim Diallo September 25th marked this year’s National Voter Registration Day (NVRD), a national holiday celebrated on the fourth Tuesday of every September to register eligible voters and spread awareness of upcoming elections and local opportunities to become civically engaged. As a premier partner of NVRD, AAI coordinated voter registration events with volunteers across the country as part of our Yalla Vote campaign -- which celebrated its 20th birthday this year! This year alone, volunteers collectively organized more than 50 Yalla Vote voter registration events across 18 states. Student...

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Yalla Vote organizers joins community members in Boston

Posted by Steven Austerer on June 07, 2018 in Blog

Across the country, Yalla Vote organizers are meeting with community members and leaders to remind Arab Americans that their votes matter. As Field Organizer for Massachusetts, I’ve spent the week meeting and speaking with members of The Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center (ISBCC) and the Islamic Society of Boston (ISB) Cambridge to discuss the issues that concern them and how they can take those concerns to the ballot box in November.

The largest mosque in New England, ISBCC is a thriving hub for the community whose members hail...

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Call our #YallaVote Hotline for all your election questions

Posted by Guest on June 05, 2018 in Blog

By Lela Ali

In 2016, the Arab American Institute launched our #YallaVote Hotline. The #YallaVote Hotline is staffed by legal experts and both Arabic and English speakers ready to assist voters with questions or issues at the polls. They are also able to provide legal support to address voter suppression or disenfranchisement in your state.

Today, and on election days throughout 2018, our hotline is up and running. Our phone number has changed since years past, and the #YallaVote Hotline may now be reached at 1-844-YALLA-US (925-5287).

During most...

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#YallaVote in California Celebrates Arab American Heritage Month

Posted by Guest on April 16, 2018 in Blog

By: Johanna Mustafa, Yalla Vote Field Organizer: California

Unanimous! That was how the California State Senate adopted the Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 123, proclaiming the month of April as "Arab American Heritage Month." To mark the achievement, I took part in Southern California community events celebrating the month as a Yalla Vote Field Organizer.

Having the Yalla Vote program present at community events is crucial now more than ever. The stakes this election year couldn’t be higher. In terms...

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Download our #YallaVote Voter Registration Toolkit Here!

Posted by Arab American Institute on September 17, 2017 in Blog

Download our #YallaVote Voter Registration Toolkit Here! Launched in 1998, the #YallaVote campaign is the foundation of our grassroots voter mobilization and education programming. With high concentrations of Arab Americans living in some of the largest and most politically contested states – including California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia – we know our community can make a difference on issues that matter to all Americans. That’s why it’s important for our community to be registered and at...

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From Northwestern Syria to Southwestern Pennsylvania: An Immigration Story

Posted by Joan Hanna on June 26, 2017 in Blog

William "Chad" Hanna, back left; Senator John F. Kennedy, right.

At the age of 14, in 1904, George Hanna emigrated from Mashta al-Helu, Syria to Pennsylvania, settling in the town of Clymer, 70 miles east of Pittsburgh. George supported himself as a businessman, selling housewares in a cart to local coal miners. He was charismatic, an astute entrepreneur, and spoke four languages. Through his military service in World War...

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