#YallaVote in California Celebrates Arab American Heritage Month

Posted by Guest on April 16, 2018 in Blog

By: Johanna Mustafa, Yalla Vote Field Organizer: California

Unanimous! That was how the California State Senate adopted the Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 123, proclaiming the month of April as "Arab American Heritage Month." To mark the achievement, I took part in Southern California community events celebrating the month as a Yalla Vote Field Organizer.

Having the Yalla Vote program present at community events is crucial now more than ever. The stakes this election year couldn’t be higher. In terms...

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Countdown Vol. 17 No. 17: Of Torture and Truth

Posted on March 16, 2018 in Countdown

DREAMers Countdown: It’s been 192 days since President Trump moved to end DACA. The courts did step in to block the move, but Congress has yet to provide a permanent fix.

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Meet Our #YallaVote Field Organizers!

Posted by Haley Arata on March 12, 2018 in Blog

 Steven Austerer, Yalla Vote Field Organizer in Massachusetts:

Steven graduated from the University of Denver with a degree in Spanish, and obtained his Master of Science in Management from Hult International Business School. Following graduation, he spent the better part of the next decade working with public and private sectors in more than forty countries, including those in the Middle East. During this period, Steven also found time to volunteer on Senator Ed Marley's primary and general campaigns, Congresswoman Katherine Clark's campaigns, and served as field staff on the...

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Countdown Vol 17 No. 16: That Time of Year Again

Posted on March 08, 2018 in Countdown
Countdown Vol 17 No. 16: That Time of Year Again
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National Commission for Voter Justice to Hold Hearings, Fight For Voting Rights

Posted by Guest on January 17, 2018 in Blog

By Mona Ahmed 

“The National Commision for Voter Justice is a people’s commission and will be one that the people can see, understand and participate in.” That’s how Pennsylvania State Senator Vincent Hughes described the transparency and mission of the newly formed National Commission for Voter Justice (NCVJ) during a launch rally on the steps of the Supreme Court on January 17. Speakers included: NCVJ Co-Chairs Barbara Arnwine, Pennsylvania State Senator Vincent Hughes, John Nichols

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Retirement Party

Posted by Guest on November 17, 2017 in Blog

by Hanna Saba

The 2018 midterm elections are a year away and members of Congress–Republicans in particular—are deciding they want no part of it. Thus far, 12 Republicans in the House and two in the Senate have announced that they plan to retire from Congress at the beginning of 2019. Three others have either resigned or plan to resign soon, and another 10 have announced that they’re running for a different office. On the opposite side of the aisle, four Democrats in the House and zero senators plan to retire from Congress, which is a pretty dramatic partisan disparity.


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Washington Watch: President Trump Wasn't on the Ballot. Nevertheless, He Lost. 

Posted on November 11, 2017 in Washington Watch

by James J. Zogby With all due respect to the gubernatorial candidates who won their elections on November 7th, there can be no doubt that their road to victory was paved, in part, by voter's rejection of Donald Trump and Trumpism. The president wasn't on the ballot, but his presence was felt by an energized electorate intent on sending him a message of rejection.   Much attention, of course, was focused on Democratic wins in the high-profile contests for governor in Virginia and New Jersey. The margins of these victories were larger than expected and were correctly attributed...

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#YallaVote Campaign for National Voter Registration Day a Success

Posted by Guest on September 27, 2017 in Blog

by Sydney Roeder

“Any day upholding American democracy... is a day well spent.” Zane Alkoor with Davidson College noted about the #YallaVote campaign launched by the Arab American Institute Foundation last week. 

September 26th was National Voter Registration Day. Like every other year since #YallaVote’s conception in 1998, AAIF took to the streets to register eligible voters. Nearly 30 organizations across 20 states followed suit, hosting their own #YallaVote tables or events. 

Alkoor’s sentiment about voter registration was felt across other organizations as well. The Middle Eastern Cultural Organization at Denison University registered...

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Arab Americans on the Ground: Sam Jammal on getting involved

Posted by Rawan Elbaba on September 26, 2017 in Blog
As a young college student, Sam Jammal had dreams of going into business to support his immigrant family who worked tirelessly to raise him and his siblings. When September 11th happened, however, his plans changed.
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Voter Engagement in Underrepresented Communities

Posted by Guest on September 20, 2017 in Blog

By Sydney Roeder

Voting rights “has moved from a movement for equity to a movement for existence.” Rev. Yearwood with the Hip Hop Caucus stressed in a panel at the League of Conservation Voters Education Fund Democracy (LCVEF) convening on Wednesday. The two-day training sought to cast light upon voter engagement in underrepresented communities.  This parallels AAI’s current efforts in the #YallaVote campaign since-- as AAI’s field organizer, Heba Mohammad, stated-- “Yalla Vote is not only about getting people to vote, it’s also about keeping them engaged.” 

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