David-Imad Ramadan: Republican Activist since 1989

Posted by on August 20, 2008 in Blog

David-Imad Ramadan has been a Republican activist at both a grassroots and national level since he moved to Washington, DC in 1989.  Over the last twenty years, he has worked on every presidential campaign on the Republican side and has been involved in several gubernatorial and senatorial campaigns.  He is currently the Precinct Captain and Outreach Chair for Loudoun County Republicans, and is involved with the Republican Party of Virginia, the Arab American Coalition for McCain, and the Lebanese American Coalition for McCain. “This is a very important election for me because of its implications in the Middle East,...

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McCain and Obama at AIPAC

Posted on June 09, 2008 in Washington Watch

NOTE: This column is based on a more detailed, individual treatment of both candidates’ speeches at AIPAC. Click here to read Dr. Zogby’s analysis of McCain’s speech, and here to read his analysis of Obama’s speech.

Senators John McCain and Barack Obama, the presumptive Republican and Democratic nominees for President, addressed AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) last week. Always a depressing spectacle, this year’s conference, at least, provided some interesting insights into the differences that divide the candidates, and the way they played out with the AIPAC audience.

First up was McCain, whose hawkish...

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“the fight against Islamic fascism is the great test of our generation.”

Posted on September 07, 2006 in Campaign Statements

"I have said time and time again across Pennsylvania these past weeks that the fight against Islamic fascism is the great test of our generation. Leaders are obliged to articulate this threat and to propose what is necessary to defeat it. That is my purpose, and our national calling. The American people have always rallied to the cause of freedom once they understood what was at stake. I have no doubt that they will again."


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Arab American Caucus Promotes Voter Engagement

Posted by on February 24, 2002 in Blog

The Arab American Caucus of the Democratic Party of California is promoting civic engagement among the Arab American community in preparation for the 2012 election season. The group encourages Arab American community members to be delegates to the national convention, which excites the local community and incites participation.

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San Francisco Legislation for Local Control Over FBI Task Force

Posted by on February 24, 2002 in Blog

City Supervisor Jane Kim introduced legislation in January 2012 that would subject an FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force in San Francisco to local oversight. The bill aims to prevent racial profiling and civil rights abuses in counter-terrorism surveillance efforts by prohibiting officers from investigating San Francisco residents without “reasonable suspicion that they are involved in significant criminal activity.”

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