David Ramadan: Arab American Businessman & Politician

Posted by on May 23, 2012 in Blog

By Danielle Malaty

David-Imad Ramadan is a member of the Virginia House of Delegates, first elected in November 2011. Ramadan is also a successful businessman and has taken the 9th largest US Franchise, Curves International into the Middle East and India. He serves as CEO of 'Curves – Middle East' and 'Curves – India'. Ramadan is also a frequent commentator on TV and Radio news networks such as ABC's Good Morning America, LBC, MSNBC, France 24, Al-Hurra, BBC, and NPR.

Ramadan has served on the Board of Visitors of George Mason University; Governor Bob McDonnell appointed him on July 1,...

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SB 1070 Matters for You Too

Posted by on April 27, 2012 in Blog

This week, the Supreme Court heard arguments on an issue that impacts all Americans – and the very notion of what an American is. Nine people are charged with deciding what’s more important: ascertaining an individual’s citizenship status or preserving America’s identity as a country whose immigrants have made it the greatest nation in the world.

The issue at hand is the constitutionality of Arizona’s anti-immigration bill, SB 1070. While the media has portrayed immigration reform in general —and this Arizona bill in particular— as “a Hispanic issue,” the truth is that the impacts are much more far-reaching. First, consider...

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Arab American Republicans Weigh in Before Super Tuesday: Virginia

Posted by on March 05, 2012 in Blog

By George Doumar

George Doumar is a lawyer in Virginia and the District of Columbia, and is the Founder and Principal of Doumar Law Group

With nearly 600 delegates at stake from 11 states on March 6, Mitt Romney looks effectively poised to lock up the Republican nomination with a solid performance on Super Tuesday.

Newt Gingrich looks to prevail in his home state of Georgia, which, with 76, has the most delegates at stake of any state on Tuesday. But like General Hood confined to Atlanta in 1864, Newt’s base seems to have shrunk from...

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In Virginia, a Victory for Ramadan and a Rejection of Fear

Posted by on November 11, 2011 in Blog

Congratulations to David Ramadan, who won his bid for a seat in Virginia’s House of Delegates.

David earned tremendous support for his campaign for the 87th District seat, including endorsements from Gov. Bob McDonnell, Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, Congressman Frank Wolf, and a host of delegates from around the Commonwealth.

But David was also the victim of vicious attacks –Arab and Muslim-baiting at its worst. James Lafferty, of the Virginia Anti-Sharia Task Force made it his personal mission to attack David at every turn. (It should be noted that Lafferty and VAST also co-sponsor events with Stop Islamicization of...

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Yalla Vote in Virginia

Posted by on October 18, 2010 in Blog

With just 15 days until Election Day, Arab Americans are organizing GOTV efforts across the country. In Virginia, Arab Americans organized their 22nd annual candidates’ night on October 10. The event, a tradition in northern Virginia, was well attended by community members, elected officials and candidates alike. On the agenda were a combination of foreign and domestic policy concerns and our own Yalla Vote voter engagement project. Voice of America featured a nice report on the evening on their website.

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