A Word About Polling

Posted on May 23, 2020 in Washington Watch

By Dr. James J. Zogby

Last week, the Middle East Institute released our new book, “The Tumultuous Decade.” It presents the findings of a decade of Zogby Research Services’ (ZRS) polling across the Middle East and North Africa. Because there are often questions asked about how we poll, what we poll about, and the usefulness of the data we gather, I thought it might be useful to discuss these matters with you, my readers.

I dedicated this book to the hundreds of field workers who conducted the interviews and tens of thousands of randomly selected respondents who...

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“The Tumultuous Decade”

Posted on May 16, 2020 in Washington Watch

By Dr. James J. Zogby

On May 20th, the Middle East Institute will release my new book “The Tumultuous Decade,” a book that brings together a decade of Zogby Research Services (ZRS) of Arab, Turkish, and Iranian public opinion. What follows is a discussion of the background of and themes discussed in “The Tumultuous Decade.”

The second decade of the 21st century began with two traumatic events that would transform the Middle East. In fact, although the seeds had been planted years earlier, 2011 proved to be a watershed year for the people of the region. That...

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Posted on July 08, 2013

Established in 1985 and based in Washington, D.C., the Arab American Institute (AAI) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan national leadership organization. AAI was created to nurture and encourage the direct participation of Arab Americans in political and civic life in the United States.