What to Look For at This Year’s U.N. General Assembly

Posted by on September 23, 2013 in Blog

By Marc Sabbagh Fall Intern, 2013

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) always has its share of notable (and theatrical) moments, and this year should prove no different. Many countries have high stakes going into this year’s UNGA, which offers a forum to both advance international goals and push domestic political agendas. Plenty of focus in the coming weeks will be on events in the Arab world and broader Middle East. Here are five things to watch:

Movement on Syria

The UNGA convenes after an unprecedented few weeks of diplomatic back-and-forth on Syria, both within...

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In Responding to Boston, Lawmakers Should Follow the President’s Lead

Posted by on April 22, 2013 in Blog

In the wake of the horrific attacks last week in Boston, law enforcement, lawmakers, members of the media, and the American public scrambled to make sense of what can only be described as a senseless act of carnage. As the investigation continues to uncover the motives behind the Tsarnev brothers’ act of terror, a period of speculation, frustration and genuine fear grips our country. In the week of exigency following last Monday’s attacks, many elected officials and members of the media injected counter-productive and potentially detrimental rhetoric and misinformation into the discussion about the bombings....

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Four Takeaways from Obama’s Jerusalem Speech

Posted by on March 25, 2013 in Blog

Last week, President Obama delivered an historic speech in Jerusalem, widely considered to be the successor to his previous Middle East speech in Cairo at the start of his first term.

The President touched on many of the same themes as his prior speech: the importance of resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the unsustainability of relying on Arab autocrats to enforce US interests on their people, and other principles that predicated an unprecedented – and short-lived – spike in Arab approval ratings of the US.

However, the Jerusalem speech was markedly different from...

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Why is the US Silent on Egypt?

Posted by on December 12, 2012 in Blog

Since President Mohamed Morsi’s decree on Nov. 22, which placed his decisions above judicial review, Egypt has been in a state of perpetual political crisis, with each day bringing new demands and concessions from both Morsi and his secular opponents. Throughout it all, American diplomats and policy-makers have been remarkably silent, repeatedly refusing to either condemn Morsi’s rush towards a constitutional referendum nor to embrace it as the legitimate conclusion of Egypt’s transition from authoritarianism to democracy.  Instead, the administration has held fast to a sort of middle way, calling for calm and peaceful dialogue while seemingly hoping the whole...

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Ethnic Vote Played Essential Role in Obama’s Virginia Victory

Posted by on November 07, 2012 in Blog

Ahead of yesterday’s election, conventional wisdom and historical precedent dictated that whoever won Loudoun County in Virginia, would almost certainly win the rest of the state. Before the results came in, Loudoun County was the biggest swing county in Virginia, and both campaigns fought it out for a win there. But what ultimately caused Loudoun – and consequently the rest of the state – to go blue, was the Obama campaign’s exceptional ground game, which focused on turning out the ethnic vote that included a sizable Arab American community.

However, the primary take-away from the results in...

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Arab-Americans: Obama is the ‘change in action’

Posted by on November 06, 2012 in News Clips

Arab-Americans are gearing up to cast their ballots in the U.S. President elections which began on Tuesday, with many planning to support incumbent Barack Obama. According to the Arab American Institute more than 1.9 million Americans are of Arab decent and reside in metropolitan cities, such as New York, Los Angeles and Michigan. It is recognized that the majority of Arab-Americans have been leaning towards the Obama administration over Mitt Romney during recent polls. In a Mid-election poll held in 2010 by Zogby International Surveys, Arab-Americans were found to lean twice as much towards the liberal...

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Arabs (Really) Love Obama

Posted by on November 06, 2012 in News Clips

According to the Arab-American Institute, there are now nearly 3.5 million Arab Americans in the United States – up from a total of 1.5 million in 2000, and around 1 per cent of the US population. A whopping 94 per cent reside in metropolitan areas of major cities, while 48 per cent reside in California, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, and Florida. The Arab vote has largely gone unnoticed in US elections due to its heavy concentration in mostly Democratic cities and due to their tendency to lean Democrat. However, this has not always been the case. For example in...

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1 Day Out: This is It!

Posted by on November 05, 2012 in Blog

This is it! Less than 24 hours to go until the polls open up tomorrow. As you prepare to cast your ballot tomorrow, here are a few resources we want to share with you:

Read: Mitt Romney Deserves the Arab-American Vote by AAI Chairman George Salem Why I'll Vote to Re-Elect President Obama by AAI President Jim Zogby Watch:  Yalla Vote: Say No to Voter Suppression (AAI YouTube Channel) We Are Arab American and We Vote (AAI YouTube Channel) Where Candidates Stand on the Issues: AAI has compiled...

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Arab-American Voters Lean Toward Obama, But With Less Enthusiasm

Posted by on November 05, 2012 in News Clips

Arab-American voters strongly supported President Obama in 2008, and polls show most are doing so this time around as well. But some of those voters are concerned about the way Obama has handled issues important to their community — even if they still intend to cast their ballots for his re-election.

At the Washington, D.C., headquarters of the Arab American Institute, the walls are full of red, white and blue signs in English and Arabic urging people to vote.

AAI government relations manager Samer Araabi, who worked one of the nonprofit's recent phone banks, says he's voting to re-elect Obama....

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Lucas County to decide vote, Zogby says

Posted by on November 05, 2012 in News Clips

Toledo-area voters will decide the presidential election, said James Zogby, president of the Arab-American Institute who made several area stops this weekend, touting the role of Lucas County and Toledo in determining the nation’s president.

“From everything I’m hearing right now, as this county goes, so goes Ohio, and as Ohio goes, so goes the nation. So in many ways, you are going to play the role of the decider,” said James Zogby, an executive committee member of the Democratic National Committee, in an interview with The Blade on Sunday. He is founder of Zogby Research Services, which does polling...

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