AAI Congressional Briefing: DOJ Guidance on Profiling

Posted by Nisreen Eadeh on November 04, 2015 in Blog

In June 2003, Attorney General Ashcroft issued the Department of Justice's Guidance Regarding the Use of Race by Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, which said that federal "law enforcement ought not to profile when engaging in their duties." As AAI Executive Director Maya Berry said at the briefing last week, "this makes sense," but there were too many loopholes exempting certain law enforcement from adhering to the guidance. As a result, The Department of Justice, under Attorney General Eric Holder, updated the Guidance in December 2014 to include not only racial profiling, but profiling based on ethnicity, gender, national origin, religion, sexual orientation,...

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Presidential Candidates Court Arab American Vote at AAI's #Yalla2016 National Leadership Conference

Posted by Kristin Mccarthy on October 30, 2015 in Blog
Presidential candidates Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Governor John Kasich (R-OH), Governor Martin O’Malley (D-MD), and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) addressed the Arab American Institute’s National Leadership Conference in Dearborn, Michigan to outline their understanding of the Arab American community and our issues. Ahead of every presidential election year, AAI invites every Republican & Democratic candidates seeking their Party’s nomination to address the conference and persuade the Arab American to vote in their favor. There are over 3.7 million Arab Americans, nationwide, highly concentrated in some of the most politically contested states including Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. The Arab American community has one of the highest rates of voter participation among ethnic minorities with over 88% of the Arab American community registered to vote and of those registered, 90% say they are likely to vote in upcoming national elections. The Arab American vote has become a nationally courted constituency for Democrats and Republicans alike. Below are highlights from the candidates who were able to join us.
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Countdown Vol. 13 No. 34: Much Work Left To Be Done

Posted on October 29, 2015 in Countdown
This week on Countdown: We're back with updates from our National Leadership Conference and more
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#Yalla2016 Day 2: The Foreign Policy Issues We Must Elevate

Posted by Eddie Bejarano on October 28, 2015 in Blog

On the second day of its National Leadership Conference in Dearborn, Michigan, the Arab American Institute brought together three foreign policy experts to discuss an assortment of pertinent foreign policy issues. John Zogby, founder of the “Zogby Poll” and the Zogby Companies, Steve Clemons, Washington editor at-large for the Atlantic, and Stephen Grand, Executive Director of the Middle East Task Force at the Atlantic Council’s Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East, spoke to participants about the Israel-Palestine Conflict, the Syrian Civil War and the current status of U.S. standing in the...

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Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees & Immigrants, Anne Richard, Discusses Syrian Refugee Policy at #Yalla2016

Posted by Kristin Mccarthy on October 28, 2015 in Blog

Anne C. Richard joined AAI’s National Leadership Conference to deliver a luncheon keynote address regarding the Obama administration’s actions regarding the Syrian humanitarian crisis. Ms. Richard covered both humanitarian aid policies and resettlement efforts in her remarks, which you can watch in full below.

Anne C. Richard was sworn in as Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees, and Migration on April 2, 2012. Prior to her appointment, Ms. Richard was the vice president of government relations and advocacy for the International Rescue Committee (IRC), an international aid agency that helps...

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The Political Discussion Around Refugees: #Yalla2016 Day 1 Luncheon

Posted by Kristin Mccarthy on October 28, 2015 in Blog

In continuing the discussion on Syrian refugees, AAI hosted a luncheon discussion featuring representatives from the State of Michigan’s government, local Michigan non profit organizations, and national organizations all working to resettle Syrian refugees in Michigan communities.

Executive Director of the Arab American Institute, Maya Berry, began the panel by introducing Lavinia Limon of the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Migrants who offered a historical context of refugees coming into the U.S. In the 1980s, the U.S. was welcoming upwards of 370,000 refugees a year so a pledge of 10,000...

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#Yalla2016 Day 1: The Magnitude of the Crisis and Why the U.S. Must Respond

Posted by Kristin Mccarthy on October 28, 2015 in Blog

The first day of AAI’s National Leadership Conference, #Yalla2016, was devoted to examining U.S. policy on the Syrian refugee crisis and considering ways to push Congress and the Obama administration to do more to help refugees. We were proud to have the whole day of programming co-sponsored by 15 national, international, and Syrian-American organizations, many of whom are leading the difficult work of providing services to refugees on the ground in camps and urban areas. On a panel titled, “The Magnitude of the Crisis” three of our co-sponsoring organizations joined a discussion that painted a clear, desperate picture about...

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#Yalla2016 Day 1: The U.S. Looks at the Refugee Crisis

Posted by Kristin Mccarthy on October 26, 2015 in Blog

The Arab American Institute kicked off its National Leadership Conference in Dearborn, Michigan with a day of programming that underscored the need for the United States to resettle more Syrian refugees and do more to alleviate the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and across the Middle East.

The program started with a video message from U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) about his work on policies impacting Syrian refugees, which was played for the conference attendees to...

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The Debate We Have, the Debate We Need

Posted on October 19, 2015 in Washington Watch
Since the end of the Vietnam War, every US president has been consumed with and defined by events in the Middle East.
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Pennsylvania Leaders Take a Stand Against Bigotry at Arab American Advocacy Day

Posted by Joan Hanna on October 14, 2015 in Blog

On September 30th, AAI and the Philadelphia Arab American Development Corporation convened at the State Capitol in Harrisburg, PA for an Arab American Advocacy Day. The day of advocacy focused on a campaign spearheaded by AAI: the Pennsylvania Accountability Project, as well as other community issues, including the Syrian refugee crisis and increasing the Arab American vote by having Pennsylvania’s new online voter registration page translated into Arabic. This initiative aims to fight anti-Arab and anti-Muslim bigotry at the state and local levels of government in Pennsylvania. Two AAI staff members...

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