AAI Endorses Letter to Obama Urging Immediate Humanitarian Relief for Gaza, End of the Blockade

Posted by on February 04, 2010 in Blog
U.S. Should Urge Israel to Lift the Gaza Closure to Relieve Grave Humanitarian Crisis
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Tell your Representative to support immediate relief for people in Gaza!

Posted on December 18, 2009 in Action Alerts

McDermott-Ellison letter to President Obama

Moran-Inglis letter to Secretary of State Hilary Clinton

Contact Your Representatives Now

Two letters are circulating the House urging the Obama Administration to address the delay of promised assistance to the people of Gaza—one letter calls for immediate delivery of humanitarian aid, the other for increased access to education.

Congressmen Jim Moran (D-VA) and Bob Inglis (R-SC) are asking their House colleagues to sign onto a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by Monday, December 21 supporting increased access to higher education in the...

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H. Res. 867: Thank Your Representatives

Posted on November 10, 2009 in Action Alerts

Thank the representatives who made the right decision


REP. BRIAN BAIRD (202) 225-3536

REP. TAMMY BALDWIN (202) 225-2906

REP. EARL BLUMENAUER (202) 225-4811

REP. CHARLES BOUSTANY (202) 225-2031

REPS. LOIS CAPPS (202) 225-3601

REP. ANDRE CARSON (202) 225-4011

REP. YVETTE D. CLARKE (202) 225-6231


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General James L. Jones to offer closing remarks at Arab American Leadership Summit

Posted on October 22, 2009 in Press Releases

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Christina Zola (202) 429-9210 desk (202) 494-9859 cell czola@aaiusa.org

Washington D.C. – October 22, 2009 –National Security Advisor to the President General James L. Jones will address the Leadership Summit’s closing session on Monday, October 26, 2009. General Jones will brief Summit attendees on the Obama Administration’s continuing diligence in a wide range of Arab American issues.

General Jones’ remarks will address Arab American leaders from 19 states who represent over 35 Arab American organizations and businesses.

Although the session is closed, the White House will make...

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Sister-in-law of Sarah Netanyahu detained for protesting Palestinian eviction

Posted by on August 04, 2009 in Blog
How I was detained and interrogated for expressing solidarity with the expelled Palestinians.
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American Presidents and Israeli Settlements

Posted on July 06, 2009 in Washington Watch
Largely because the Obama Administration has directly challenged Israel’s continuing settlement expansion in the West Bank, the issue has been receiving unprecedented US press coverage. Last week alone, there were several dozen editorials, commentaries and news articles appearing in major US dailies.
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Seeing Eye to Eye: A Survey of Jewish American and Arab American Public Opinion (2007)

Posted on July 09, 2007 in Reports

In 2002, Americans for Peace Now (APN) and the Arab American Institute (AAI) commissioned Zogby International (ZI) to conduct the first ever side-by-side poll of Jewish and Arab American public opinion to gauge support within both communities for Arab-Israeli peace. With the region's political landscape significantly altered since the first poll was conducted—including the US war in Iraq, Israel's disengagement fromGaza, Hamas' victory in Palestinian legislative elections, and the 2006 Israel-Lebanon war—APN and AAI commissioned ZI in May 2007 to reexamine Jewish and ArabAmerican public opinion.

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