Listening to Voices Across the Middle East: 2015

Posted on December 14, 2015 in Washington Watch
Polling is like opening a window. It allows us to hear the voices of people and to understand their beliefs, concerns, and priorities. I call it "the respectful science" because the views of every individual count. When you listen, you learn.
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Refugee Voices: AAI Highlights Stories of Arab Refugees at #Yalla2016

Posted by Rawan Elbaba on October 30, 2015 in Blog
On Friday, October 23rd presidential candidate Governor Martin O’Malley met with recently resettled refugees during the Arab American Institute's National Leadership Conference, #Yalla2016. Governor O’Malley met with Radhia Fakhrildeen, Moustafa Assad, and Noor Al Dabbagh to hear their personal stories and experiences of resettling in the United States.
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#Yalla2016 Day 2: The Foreign Policy Issues We Must Elevate

Posted by Eddie Bejarano on October 28, 2015 in Blog

On the second day of its National Leadership Conference in Dearborn, Michigan, the Arab American Institute brought together three foreign policy experts to discuss an assortment of pertinent foreign policy issues. John Zogby, founder of the “Zogby Poll” and the Zogby Companies, Steve Clemons, Washington editor at-large for the Atlantic, and Stephen Grand, Executive Director of the Middle East Task Force at the Atlantic Council’s Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East, spoke to participants about the Israel-Palestine Conflict, the Syrian Civil War and the current status of U.S. standing in the...

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#Yalla2016 Day 1: The Magnitude of the Crisis and Why the U.S. Must Respond

Posted by Kristin Mccarthy on October 28, 2015 in Blog

The first day of AAI’s National Leadership Conference, #Yalla2016, was devoted to examining U.S. policy on the Syrian refugee crisis and considering ways to push Congress and the Obama administration to do more to help refugees. We were proud to have the whole day of programming co-sponsored by 15 national, international, and Syrian-American organizations, many of whom are leading the difficult work of providing services to refugees on the ground in camps and urban areas. On a panel titled, “The Magnitude of the Crisis” three of our co-sponsoring organizations joined a discussion that painted a clear, desperate picture about...

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#Yalla2016 Day 1: The U.S. Looks at the Refugee Crisis

Posted by Kristin Mccarthy on October 26, 2015 in Blog

The Arab American Institute kicked off its National Leadership Conference in Dearborn, Michigan with a day of programming that underscored the need for the United States to resettle more Syrian refugees and do more to alleviate the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and across the Middle East.

The program started with a video message from U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) about his work on policies impacting Syrian refugees, which was played for the conference attendees to...

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Countdown Vol. 13 No. 23: Fear and Loathing on the Hill

Posted on July 27, 2015 in Countdown
This week on Countdown: Turkey's fight with ISIL and PKK, a sham hearing on BDS, Jonathan Pollard's release, GOP infighting and more
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Countdown Vol. 13 No. 19: The Real Threat

Posted on July 01, 2015 in Countdown
This week on Countdown: terror attacks at home and abroad, Obama's foreign policy challenges, Israel at the ICC and more
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Saving the Interpreters Who Were Left Behind

Posted by Sabrin Qadi on June 30, 2015 in Blog
Matt Zeller, founder of the non-profit organization, No One Left Behind, has dedicated the next decade of his life to bringing every interpreter who served in the Iraq and Afghanistan war, and their family, to the United States. Zeller was a service member in Afghanistan, a wounded combat veteran who did a one time tour. His zealous advocacy in support of Iraqi and Afghan interpreters comes from the fact that his Afghan interpreter, Janis Shinwari, came to his aid during a nearly fatal ambush.
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Shedding Imperial Conceit

Posted on June 27, 2015 in Washington Watch
Donning the mantle of liberalism, Britain justified its imperial conquest and its subjugation of one-fifth of humanity as an enlightened and civilizing venture, the goal of which, they claimed, was to lift up the less civilized preparing them for self-rule.
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“Terror and the Islamic State”: The Statehood and Seculars of ISIL

Posted by David Curtis on June 23, 2015 in Blog
Last week, David Kilcullen, former senior advisor to General David Petraeus and counterinsurgency expert, spoke at the New America Foundation in an event titled “Blood Year: Terror and the Islamic State.” Dr. Kilcullen described the chilling inner workings of ISIL leadership, and the strategy he believes the West should consider in combating the ruthless group.
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