Arab Americans and The DREAM Act: Immigration Reform a Priority

Posted by on December 20, 2010 in Blog
As Congress was considering passage of the DREAM Act, Arab Americans across the nation organized their own efforts to support it. The DREAM Act, a bill that provides a pathway to legal status for students who were brought to the United States as children and who met a set of stringent requirements, was heralded by its supporters as a step in the right direction for immigration policy reform.
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Viewpoint with James Zogby: Michael German, Amal Mudallali, Geneive Abdo

Posted on December 10, 2010 in Viewpoint with James Zogby
Michael German, Former FBI Agent, and current Policy Counsel on National Security, Immigration and Privacy at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU); Amal Mudallali, Adviser to Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri; Geneive Abdo, Fellow and Director of the Iran program at the Century Foundation and editor of
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House Passes DREAM Act, Senate Vote Expected Tomorrow

Posted by on December 08, 2010 in Blog
I am so proud of the work so many Arab Americans did to support passage of the DREAM Act. It passed in the House of Representatives tonight by a vote of 216 to 198. While our hard work paid off tonight, the Senate vote will be a difficult one tomorrow.
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Congress Votes on the DREAM Act today!

Posted by on December 08, 2010 in Blog
The DREAM Act will be voted on in Congress today. In our previous post on the DREAM Act, we iterated that the bill, if passed, would enable college-bound kids who meet certain conditions, many of whom were brought to this country as babies or toddlers, to obtain a green card and remain as productive members of American society.
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Oh, Pesky 14th Amendment- Can’t You Just Go Away? �

Posted by on August 04, 2010 in Blog
Those behind SB 1070 are not going to wait around for the federal government to get their act together. Arizona State Representative Russell Pearce, a sponsor of SB 1070, has recently expressed interest in introducing legislation this fall that would deny birth certificates to children born in Arizona to parents who are not legally in the U.S. That's right; he is attempting to deny them the American citizenship accorded to them by the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
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Judge Ruling:  Federal Government Trumps States on Immigration

Posted by on July 29, 2010 in Blog
With enforcement of Arizona's notorious immigration law, SB 1070, set to begin today, a Phoenix district court judge ruled yesterday to put the law on hold.
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Arizona Immigration Law Challenged, Enforcement Deadline July 29

Posted by on July 21, 2010 in Blog
On July 6, the Department of Justice challenged the state of Arizona’s passed immigration law, S.B. 1070, in federal court.
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Citing Conflict With Federal Law, Department of Justice Challenges Arizona Immigration Law

Posted on July 06, 2010 in Washington Watch

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASETUESDAY, JULY 6, 2010  WASHINGTON - The Department of Justice challenged the state of Arizona’s recently passed immigration law, S.B. 1070, in federal court today.   In a brief filed in the District of Arizona, the Department said S.B. 1070 unconstitutionally interferes with the federal government’s authority to set and enforce immigration policy, explaining that “the Constitution and federal law do not permit the development of a patchwork of state and local immigration policies throughout the country.”  A patchwork of state and local policies would seriously disrupt federal immigration enforcement.  Having enacted its own immigration policy...

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Take Action

Posted on May 26, 2010 in Arab American Institute

Say NO to laws like Arizona’s SB 1070!

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AAI Supports Repairing Our Immigration System

Posted on May 05, 2010 in Action Alerts

Arab Americans have actively supported efforts towards comprehensive immigration reform, and know firsthand of the profiling that will begin if Arizona’s new state law takes effect in August. We are concerned about the climate of fear and intolerance that is clouding the legitimate policy debate on fixing our immigration system. AAI supports the Real Enforcement with Practical Alternatives for Immigration Reform (REPAIR) proposal drafted by the Senate Democratic leadership, and urges our members to tell Congress and the Administration of our support for REPAIR.

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