MENA Community Advocates, Faith Leaders, Celebrities Work Together to Promote the 2020 Census

Posted on March 30, 2020 in Press Releases

(Washington, D.C. - 3/30/2020) — With less than two days away from April 1st,  i.e. “Census Day,” community advocates, faith leaders, comedians and celebrities from Middle Eastern, North African (MENA) communities are raising their voices to make sure their communities are counted in the 2020 Census.  

Considered a hard-to-count population, individuals with ancestry from the MENA region have historically been one of the most undercounted populations in America, along with other minority groups such as African Americans and Latinos. 

According to Basem Hassan, MENA Strategy Director for the 2020 Census Communications Campaign, there is a general unawareness of the positive impact that Census data has on local communities and a latent mistrust toward the government about how data collected will be used.  

Understanding these challenges, Hassan and his team of experts worked the last few years creating a campaign based on proper audience research and community outreach to educate and gain trust before the rollout of the...

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