AAI Works With Local Partners to Combat Surveillance in Orlando

Posted by Guest on June 28, 2018 in Blog

By Blaise Malley

On May 24th, 2018, Orlando police Chief John Mina confirmed that the Orlando Police Department had installed three cameras equipped with Amazon’s facial recognition software known as Rekognition in downtown Orlando, in addition to five cameras that were already in place at the OPD headquarters. The technology claims to provide “detection and recognition of text in images, real-time face recognition across tens of millions of faces, and detection of up to 100 faces in challenging crowded photos.” Despite the advantages that Amazon claims Rekognition could give to law enforcement agencies when it comes to...

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Call our #YallaVote Hotline for all your election questions

Posted by Guest on June 05, 2018 in Blog

By Lela Ali

In 2016, the Arab American Institute launched our #YallaVote Hotline. The #YallaVote Hotline is staffed by legal experts and both Arabic and English speakers ready to assist voters with questions or issues at the polls. They are also able to provide legal support to address voter suppression or disenfranchisement in your state.

Today, and on election days throughout 2018, our hotline is up and running. Our phone number has changed since years past, and the #YallaVote Hotline may now be reached at 1-844-YALLA-US (925-5287).

During most...

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